This project eventually turned into the highly successful linuxBIOS project. Please visit that project, development continued there.
The goal of the FreeBIOS project is to be a central gathering point for BIOS firmware code which can be used to initialize and boot various services. Initially, due to the large scope of the project, FreeBIOS will likely only boot the Linux kernel on a few chipsets. Eventually the goal will be to provide a complete BIOS replacement for many popular motherboards.
Contributions to this projects are in the form of patches against the CVS source tree, or patches against a release version of FreeBIOS (none exist yet...) Please use the Submit A Patch link to submit patches to the FreeBIOS project.

If you have a bug to report with either a release version of FreeBIOS or the current CVS version, please use the Report A Bug link to submit bug reports.

FreeBIOS source code releases, CVS snapshots, and other miscellaneous files are available from the sourceforge download site.

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other free BIOS links
OpenBIOS project, another generic firmware project

linuxbios project, a project whose goal is to boot a Linux kernel with a bare minimum firmware.

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